2 Fun things to do While in Nairobi

See the largest butterfly in the world (wingspan, 17 cm!) at he Nairobi Butterfly Sanctuary (founded by Steve Collins), two-and-a-half kilometers from Karen shopping center. Guides for hire are available at the sanctuary and will help you to understand, the environment, behaviors, and appearance of the butterflies.

Hard by, are the Marula Studios (Marula Road, Karen- just ask a taxi driver) with lots of flip-flops gleaned from Kenya’s beaches and made into marvelous photo frames, coasters, toys sculptures and what have you? in an activity that  both cleans up the environment and creates employment for the local youths. The items make for delightful gifts for friends and family back home. The shop is open from Mon-Sat, 9am to 5:30pm. Email: info@theffrc.com. NB: artists and artisans take lunch break and are not available on Saturdays.

Meanwhile stay at the swahili-themed The King Post Apartments or the English-styled Gable Apartments  both serviced apartments in Nairobi’s Westalands

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