Try Out Perron-Rigot Products at The King Post Gym And Spa, Westlands, Nairobi

Perron-Rigot products were invented by Perron Rigot an have some great body waxing benefits…they can be applied in very thin layers and do not need non-woven strips to be removed. They also enable you to save on wax and select the texture you prefer, unlike other waxes.
These non-strip waxes are perfect for all body areas and mostly so the sensitive body areas.
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Eat Out While Staying at the King Post Apartments, Nairobi

Once in a while during your one-month stay, three-month stay or even one-year stay at the stylish King Post apartments located on Rhapta road Westlands, you will want to sample some of Nairobi’s tasty food palaces nearby.
Adega Restaurant, an up-market Portuguese eating place in Lavington’s Curve Mall (about 5 kms from Westlands) is one place you might want to not miss out on.
The restaurant has a warm ambience, quality food that is accompanied by excellent and personalized service from both the waiters and management.
It is open all day and has a bar that serves both wine and beer. It offers children’s activities and a child menu plus has disable access, free parking and a separate smoking area. It is a fine place for large groups and outdoor seating
Price is classified as mid-range (hence will not hurt your wallet)) and you can pay by mobile money, credit card and/or cash.
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King Post Gym and Spa Donates Gym Equipment to Western Bulls Rugby Team

Kings Gym and Spa considers Rugby one of the sports that has surely made Kenyans very proud in the international arena.

Kenyan Rugby has a bright future and national teams can exploit their full potential if they are well trained, fully equipped and morally supported.

Keeping these phenomena in mind and considering our commitment to health, fitness and well being, The King’s Gym and Spa sponsored professional fitness equipment to The Western Bull Rugby Club.

Newton Kimani

We do hope the equipment not only boosts the training of these very promising players but also boosts their enthusiasm.
With this we wish the players the very best in their endeavors and hope that they not only carry on the legacy of the Club, but they take the legacy of the club to a whole new level!

NEWTON ONGALO the team’s Technical Director and who oversees the field and gym activities was full of praise for the King Post Apartments saying Rugby is a very physical sport – guys have to be in top notch physical condition for which the right equipment is required to enhance the right exercise regime.

He added “Whenever we have visiting teams and we show them our facilities what strikes them the most is the gym equipment which is always impressive and most teams do envy us.”

Body Waxing at King’s Gym and Spa, Nairobi

Waxing is hair removal form the root instead of from the surface. This beauty treatment has several benefits to you. One, it is along-lasting beauty treatment because hair that is so removed will not grow back until after two to (even) eight) weeks!

Two it is effective to remove large quantities of hair at the same time and, three,waxing over a long period of time will result in areas waxed re-growing softly.

Nairobi’s King’s Gym and Spa offers this treatment at a very fair price. Click here to see our Facebook page and here to see our website
Different body areas can be waxed; name them: eyebrows, pubic area-this is called bikini waxing, arms, abdomen, back, face, legs et al.

The King Post Apartments, Nairobi Host DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow, the famed Instrumental hip hop musician was in Nairobi and The King Post were the official accommodation sponsors for the Land of the Lions Tour, where we hosted DJ Shadow.

If you haven’t heard of DJ Shadow, or have only heard a little bit of him, he is the skilled re-worker of rare musical pieces from various styles and influences such as Rock, funk, electronic, Jazz; which he takes and, using his mixing genius, churns out wildly successful music.

For example, ‘Endtroducing’, his first full album made in 96 was re-worked from ‘The Human Abstract’ by Axelrod and ‘Duality’ by himself and DJ Krush. His other great releases include ‘The less you Know The Better’ and ‘I Gotta Rock’

The King Post apartments are a stylish, 53 swahili-themed fully services apartments located on Rhapta Road, Westlands, near St. Mary’s School. They come complete with a gym and spa for you luxury and health.

The King Post were the official accommodation sponsors for the Land of the Lions Tour, where we hosted DJ Shadow (Dubai).

It was a pleasure having him at the King Post.

Why don’t we let the pictures tell us how much fun he had?

Brand New Gel Polish Manicure at Kings Gym, Nairobi

No one wants to apply nail varnish that chips in one or two or three days! (See the image on the left, below) You then have to return to the salon girl and endure another long session just to get your nails back looking the way you always want them to.

Gel Nail Mnaicure at Kings Gym and Spa

Kings Gym and Spa, Nairobi will solve this problem for you. We are offering the revolutionary gel shellac CnD gel polish varnish that lasts over two weeks (see the image on the right, above) in our brand new service…. the Gel Polish Manicure.

In addition to the benefit of long-last, this manicure makes your nails be stronger, healthier and is a lot more natural.

To achieve this we use the Ultra Violet (UV) Gel Nail Lamps.

Kings Gym and Spa is on Rhapta Road, Westlands, and a stone’s throw away from Saint Mary’s School and is house in the Swahili-themed, The King Post Apartments.

Oshwal Kids Vist Kings Gym and Spa Nairobi

The King Post had the pleasure in hosting children from the Oshwal Academy Nursery School for a Healthy Living Awareness Day.

Kings Gym and Spa
The King Post was chosen as the perfect venue for this event for its beautiful and serene environment which comprises of well maintained apartments and it’s Health Club.
During the visit we, toured the complex with the kids, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness. We also had one of our interns do a presentation on the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food. We took the children around our gym and taught the children the benefits of exercise.
It was an absolute pleasure hosting the children.
We hope to be doing such visits on a more regular basis.