Photoshoot at The King Post Apartments, Nairobi

For your modern-contemporary Photo shoots, the King Post Apartments provides a stunning and dramatic backdrop for photo shoots. Its romantic and elegant settings are ideal for memorable Wedding Photography and Fashion Photo Shoots. Its magnificent architecture provides the perfect esthetics for both contemporary and modern Photo Shoots.

The poolside is perhaps the best scene for shooting water-background photos in Nairobi, especially with it fountains and picturesque green-blue appearance of the water.

Check out the apartments and do also see the King’s Gym & Spa, a magnificent workout facility housed in the westlands apartments. Sign up for massage, facials, manicure, pedicure,  waxing, aerobics, sauna, kick-boxing and a lot other relaxing therapies and activities.

2 More Fun Places to Visit in Nairobi

The Kazuri bead Factory an Pottery Center makes and sells leather items, beads, pottery and other crafts handmade by women in difficult circumstances-only two in 1975, when it started and now more than 300 fully employed.

A factory tour here takes about an hour to an hour and a half; during which you will see crafts getting made ‘live’ including seeing pots fired then blazed. This is a must sight while in the Karen neighborhood. It is open daily from 9am to 5pm.

The Giraffe Center is another must-see. Baby giraffes are brought here, brought up here and then released into the wild as ‘married’ couples. This center has an education program to teach and increase awareness about environmental conservation and, of course, the Rothschild Giraffe. It is open every day from 9am to 5:30pm.

The Karen area is only about 20 minutes from The King Post apartments in Nairobi’s Westlands. Click here to see what Capital FM, Kenya’s leading Radio broadcaster has to say about these cute, Swahili-theme apartments.

2 Fun things to do While in Nairobi

See the largest butterfly in the world (wingspan, 17 cm!) at he Nairobi Butterfly Sanctuary (founded by Steve Collins), two-and-a-half kilometers from Karen shopping center. Guides for hire are available at the sanctuary and will help you to understand, the environment, behaviors, and appearance of the butterflies.

Hard by, are the Marula Studios (Marula Road, Karen- just ask a taxi driver) with lots of flip-flops gleaned from Kenya’s beaches and made into marvelous photo frames, coasters, toys sculptures and what have you? in an activity that  both cleans up the environment and creates employment for the local youths. The items make for delightful gifts for friends and family back home. The shop is open from Mon-Sat, 9am to 5:30pm. Email: NB: artists and artisans take lunch break and are not available on Saturdays.

Meanwhile stay at the swahili-themed The King Post Apartments or the English-styled Gable Apartments  both serviced apartments in Nairobi’s Westalands

Benefits of Spa Massage

Massage provides benefits for both specific ailments and conditions and general physical and emotional well-being.

From a general perspective massage provides a sense of being cared for, comfort and emotional connection to the therapist. Massage relaxes the nervous system and increases relaxation and well-being.

Specific benefits of massage treatment include: Stress reduction, muscle tension reduction and pain reduction in conditions like arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms.

Massage improves blood circulation, and betters oxygen and nutrients delivery to the cells.

Massage does also improve disposal of the body’s waste products by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Check out King’s Gym and Spa on Nairobi’s Rhapta Road and sign up for these and other benefits. King’s Gym and Spa is housed in the elegant, fully serviced apartments: The King post

Things to Think About as You Design an Exercise Program

When designing a workout program for yourself or, indeed, another person design it around the following aspects: physiology, chronology (age of the person), their objectives in working out, the nutrition they’re on and time availability

Consider what you are doing already and whether it is working for you/them….if it is, fine no need to change; but if it is not then it may be time to design something new.

After completing a “situation analysis”…yes I like those MBA terminologies…like where you will work out ( check out King’s Gym and Spa, housed in the majestic, Swahili-designed The King Post Serviced Apartments on Rhapta road, Nairobi) and how much time you will devote to the routines, here are some exercises you might want to input into your exercise regime:

To exercise your core that is your abs and lower back: raise hanging legs, do side planks; crunching exercise balls , pull mountain climbers et al

To exercise your shoulders, chest and triceps…what are at times together called ‘Push” do these work outs: bench press, pushups, dips, dumbbell press and overhead press.

To exercise hamstring muscles and buttocks: do step ups, good mornings, hip raises, dead lifts (including straight leg dead lifts)

To exercise your quads do: box jumps, lunges squats and such otter routines.

Four Things to Look For When Selecting a Gym in Nairobi

Joining a gym can mean significant time and financial commitment and finding the right gym for your fitness program is therefore important to gain highest returns on your time and money investment. So, research the available options in your town or city before deciding. Here are four things to look for when choosing a gym in Nairobi.

  1. Location. The best gym for your exercise program should be located somewhere between your home and office. King’s Gym and Spa, on Rhapta Road, Nairobi is ideal for those working in Westlands and living in Lavington, Hurlingham, Kileleshwa or professionals and consultants in Nairobi on long stays as it is housed in the majestic King Post Serviced Apartments.
  2. Staff. Gym staff should be supportive and courteous, readily answering your questions and spotting when you need help on a machine. Look at certifications of staff and, if they charge for trainers separately, the rates for these trainers.
  3. Equipment. Are there enough machines for everyone or do you need to queue to get to a machine you want to work out on? In addition to number of machines, the gym should have a variety of machines. Do the machines have instructions posted on them? Watch out for out of order machines. This points to a poorly maintained gym.
  4. Classes schedule. Check that the classes you might like to take are scheduled at times you are available for training. Do you want high-energy classes? Relaxing yoga? Group classes? Do you need to make a reservation for classes?