Fine Cocktail at Nairobi Apartments

Cocktail 3
Its all smiles from guests and Madam Director at the Health Cocktail of King Post Apartments, Nairobi

Guests at Fun Nairobi Apartments Cocktail

Cocktail 1It is often said that “Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” Keeping this in mind, The King Post held a Health & Wellness cocktail & had the pleasure of inviting Wanjiku Lumula from Wanjiku Inc as the Guest Speaker for the night.

Not only did she keep the audience glued to her presentation, but she gave some very important insights on how inner well being is just as important as your diet. Definitely, a life changing experience.

We hope to host her again in the future.

Tour Nairobi While Staying At King Post Apartments

Because of safety concerns most visitors end up taking an organized tour of the main sites in Nairobi, rather than going it alone.

Your tour operator can help with the logistics, or you can opt for one of these tours: Nairobi Tours, East Africa Shuttles, or Pro-poor tourism.

Cost for a day tour usually runs between $150 – $400 per person, depending on the size of your group, transport and what admission fees are included.

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Nairobi Apartments Host Zumba Party

Zumba Party At Nairobi Apartments

Come to these fine Nairobi apartments and enjoy Zumba every Wednesdays and Fridays.

Nairobi Apartments Do Baby Shower

King Post Apartments BayShower

King Post Apartments BayShower

We can’t wait to meet you
So we’re gathered here today,
To shower you with presents
That you’re going to need someday.

Until the day that you arrive
And we all get to see you,
We’ll give your mom the support she needs
And eagerly wait to greet you

The King Post had the opportunity to host a baby shower for a beautiful mum-to-be that was organised by her close friends. We wish her and her baby the best of health and hope to see them here soon again!

Baby Shower 4

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King Post Apartments Nairobi is Near This Attraction

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi is the only city in the world that is gazed upon by zebra, lion and rhino — in the wild. Nairobi National Park was established in 1946 long before the city burst its seams. Located just 7km from the city center, Nairobi National Park has a remarkably diverse eco-system for its size (117 km2). It is home to black rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elands, hippo and more than 400 species of birds. You can enjoy weekly wildlife sightings by checking out (CnP into your browser address bar). The park plays a vital role in education, it’s proximity to the city allows easy access to school children who may otherwise never get a chance to go on safari. Game drives and a “safari walk” are on offer for visitors.