Visit Here While Staying at King Post Apartments, Nairobi

Dame Sheldrick’s Elephant and Rhino Orphanage

Dame Sheldrick has been raising elephant orphans since the 1950’s when she lived and worked in Tsavo National Park. She established an elephant and rhino nursery in Nairobi’s National Park in the late 1970’s, as part of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Dame Daphne established the Trust in honour of her late husband David, the founding warden of the Tsavo National Parks, and a pioneer conservationist in Kenya. You can visit the orphanage at 11 am every day, for an hour . If you adopt an orphan ($50) you can visit at 5 pm every day after the babies have been fed and given a mud bath. The orphanage is located inside the Nairobi National Park

Visit Here While Staying at King Post Apartments, Nairobi

Nairobi Apartments Host Breast Cancer Awareness cocktail 29.10.14

Some shocking facts:

·         Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.

·         One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.

·         It is estimated that three million women are living with breast cancer, and a third of them don’t even know it.

·         Breast Cancer kills approximately one woman every 13 minutes.

Keeping these alarming statistics in mind, the Gables Group held a breast cancer awareness cocktail at the King Post, which was attended by both women & men from different walks of life, who supported us in fighting the battle against this deadly disease.

To support this cause, Dr. Fauzia Bhatt gave a presentation on what breast cancer is all about. Mr. Anup Dewani from Genemetrics gave a short talk on how genetics has evolved in recent years where by they are now able to genetically test the likelihood of one getting cancer at a very early stage. Dr. Philip Odiyo represented the Faraja Cancer Trust, where he gave a detailed background on how Faraja came to existence and how they help cancer patients – not just financially, but physically and emotionally. Lastly, was a talk by Jacky Gathumbi – a cancer survivor, who shared her inspiring story with everyone and touched our hearts with her courage & determination on how she fought the cancer.

The evening ended with a raffle where the winner won a spa day courtesy of the King’s Gym and Spa. The Gables Group sold t-shirts &Hiral Shah (from Sweet Momentz) sold cupcakes and all the proceeds were donated to Faraja Cancer Trust that evening.

The Gables Group is proud to have been associated with this cause –

Supporting the fighters

Admiring the survivors

Honoring the taken

And Never Ever Giving up Hope…

P.S We still have some t-shirts for sale at the King’s Gym & Spa. Please show your support in fighting this disease.

King Post Apartments, Nairobi Host Cancer Event

Dr Devani of Genemetrics (on the 4th floor, Park Suites, Parklands Road, Nairobi)listed for participants the this breast Cancer checklist at the event held at the stylish, UN-endorsed King Post apartments, Westlands, Nairobi. To assess your preparedness to face this health challenge, go over this checklist. Cocktail was on Wednesday 29th October at the apartments poolside.

Family History: Have any members of your family suffered from breast, ovarian or prostrate cancer?

Self Exam: do you know how to perform a breast self exam? Do you do it once in a month?

Testing: Do you get regular mammogram?

Genetic Risk: Do you know your and your family’s risk of cancer in the future?

Environment and lifestyle: Do you know what lifestyle choices can directly or indirectly cause cancer?

Nairobi Apartments Host DJ Popli

“DJ Akanksha Popli” posing at the King Post Apartments, Nairobi, pool. She recently rocked Venom Lounge with her stuff!

Cool gal, cool Nairobi apartments

Cool gal, cool Nairobi apartments

Nairobi Apartments, The King Post, Host Indian DJ

King’s Gym & Spa were honoured to have hosted this beauty (check her pose!) who rocked Nairobi on the DJ decks at the Venom lounge & Bar. We hope to see you soon!

Nairobi apartments

Nairobi Apartments Host Indian DJ

King Post Apartments, NairobiSpot Rugby!

Rugby is one of the sports that has surely made Kenyans very proud in the international arena.

Kenyan Rugby has a bright future and national teams can exploit their full potential if they are well trained, fully equipped and morally supported.

Keeping these phenomena in mind and considering our commitment to health, fitness and well being, The King’s Gym and Spa, located in Westlands, Nairobi,  sponsored professional fitness equipment to The Western Bull Rugby Club.

We do hope the equipment not only boosts the training of these very promising players but also boosts their enthusiasm.

With this we wish the players the very best in their endeavors and hope that they not only carry on the legacy of the Club, but they take the legacy of the club to a whole new level!

NEWTON ONGALO the Technical Director and who oversees the field and gym activities was full of praise for the King Post Apartnents saying Rugby is a very physical sport – guys have to be in top notch physical condition for which the right equipment is required to enhance the right exercise regime.

Stay at The King post Apartments, Nairobi

It is a foregone conclusion that Kenya is one of the most exotically beautiful destinations in the world. Millions of tourists fly in every year to experience the wonderful scenery and weather offered in the country and to enjoy the warm, neighbourly reception from the locals. Although, Mombasa and most of the coastal region make up for a big chunk of why Kenya is so attractive, the capital city, Nairobi, is a jewel worth marvelling at as well. If you are one for tall skyscrapers and bustling streets, not to mention a voracious night life, then for you, Nairobi is the place to be.

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Sample This Shopping While at The King Post Apartments, Nairobi

Otherwise known as little India, the Diamond Plaza shopping centre gives anyone interested, a real taste of what India is like. Right in the heart of Nairobi. The centre is made up of a multitude of tiny stalls, lining the corridors resembling a rabbit warren.

Tailors and dressmakers, clothing & material retailers, and shops selling Indian nik-naks are all there.

The brightly colored Centre may have it’s shabby side, but the true Indian feel of the place, bargain prices and numerous quality tailors make this an interesting place to visit, and somewhere you may easily pick up a bargain.

Nairobi Apartmennts Raffle Draw

Raffle drawThe Director and General Manager pick the raffle draw winner at a cocktail party at The King Post Apartments, Westlands, Nairobi