In Which Spa Can You Do a French Manicure in Nairobi?

Although some fashion connoisseurs consider it old-fangled, the French manicure is still popularly requested in salons and spas worldwide. In Nairobi, the elegant Kings Gym and Spa located on Rhapta Road (and housed in The King Post Apartments), offers this timeless treatment at a very affordable Kshs 1200 or USD 14.
Whether the French manicure originated in France or elsewhere in the world and was given the French label for fashion effect really matters little, on your body, it will make you look perfectly gorgeous! Your nails will look wonderful yet natural and anybody at some distance will see the beauty but still not know that your nails are polished or not.
To put icing on the cake, this manicure matches with almost any color you choose for the day. Why don’t you check out Nairobi’s leading Spa, Kings Gym and Spa for great health and beauty treatments? Click here to visit and like their Facebook page.

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