King Post Apartments, Nairobi Host Cancer Event

Dr Devani of Genemetrics (on the 4th floor, Park Suites, Parklands Road, Nairobi)listed for participants the this breast Cancer checklist at the event held at the stylish, UN-endorsed King Post apartments, Westlands, Nairobi. To assess your preparedness to face this health challenge, go over this checklist. Cocktail was on Wednesday 29th October at the apartments poolside.

Family History: Have any members of your family suffered from breast, ovarian or prostrate cancer?

Self Exam: do you know how to perform a breast self exam? Do you do it once in a month?

Testing: Do you get regular mammogram?

Genetic Risk: Do you know your and your family’s risk of cancer in the future?

Environment and lifestyle: Do you know what lifestyle choices can directly or indirectly cause cancer?

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