The King Post

The King Post is a Swahili Village that is unique in every sense. It brings about a unique architectural synthesis between the East African coast and the lands across the Indian Ocean, reflecting social and cultural interaction between the regions over more than a millennium. Four major cultures have emerged to give birth to a fascinating amalgam: the Swahili building tradition developed along the coast for over than a millennium; the elegant simplicity of the massive Omani square housing introduced from the late eighteenth century; the extrovert Indian embellishment added during the nineteenth century; and the colonial intervention during the twentieth century which made itself more palatable and unique.

Therefore, inspired by these Arabic & Portuguese cultures dating back to the fourteenth century, and later by the British Colonial & Indian Traditions, The King Post reflects the timeless beauty of Swahili Architecture. It has a mystic coastal warmth & intimacy.

The charismatic entrance and gateway invites you to a Swahili village! Narrow alleyways lead you to the tranquility of your apartment. The intricate Swahili craftsmanship within the apartment brings alive the romance of a long forgotten era.

As Richard Burton commended in 1857, “the higher the tenement, the bigger the gateway, the heavier the padlock, the huger the iron studs that nail the door of heavier timber, the greater the owner’s dignity.”

Minimum stay: 1 day

The King Post consists of Studio, 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments available on daily basis and long-term.