Things to Think About as You Design an Exercise Program

When designing a workout program for yourself or, indeed, another person design it around the following aspects: physiology, chronology (age of the person), their objectives in working out, the nutrition they’re on and time availability

Consider what you are doing already and whether it is working for you/them….if it is, fine no need to change; but if it is not then it may be time to design something new.

After completing a “situation analysis”…yes I like those MBA terminologies…like where you will work out ( check out King’s Gym and Spa, housed in the majestic, Swahili-designed The King Post Serviced Apartments on Rhapta road, Nairobi) and how much time you will devote to the routines, here are some exercises you might want to input into your exercise regime:

To exercise your core that is your abs and lower back: raise hanging legs, do side planks; crunching exercise balls , pull mountain climbers et al

To exercise your shoulders, chest and triceps…what are at times together called ‘Push” do these work outs: bench press, pushups, dips, dumbbell press and overhead press.

To exercise hamstring muscles and buttocks: do step ups, good mornings, hip raises, dead lifts (including straight leg dead lifts)

To exercise your quads do: box jumps, lunges squats and such otter routines.

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